It’s been five months, and the semester is near to its end…It’s my privileged to enroll in ICT…In this subject course, I learn many things especially in computer matter…Also, its nice to have an instructor like Ma’am Jackie, who encourage us in all aspects in life…Honestly, I really like the way she give us advices and words of wisdom…I didn’t find this subject boring…Though it’s kinda’ hard sometimes in terms of writing in our blog (one of our requirements) when i don’t have anything to think of…In making an html, at first i find it really difficult…Because i can’t easily get the steps and process how to make it, how it became like that and like this…But as time pass, thank God, i made it with some help of my classmate…But they’re not the one who made it! I just asked when there’s something i can’t understand…In my blog, i’m quite not good in it…I just write when I have something to write and sometimes when i’m in the mood to write…I didn’t hate this even we’re up to 9pm though we’re hungry and my eyes are tired…All i think when i’m in this class is i have to learn new things in office word, etc… It really help me a lot…And now, it’s time to say farewell to this subject, i just had a mind full of knowledge…We all know we can use all the lessons taught in this subject…And for our instructor, thank you for the time, effort and sacrifices you’ve given to us…For the learnings you’ve shared, for the lessons you’ve taught and for the words of wisdom you’ve given to us that we can bring it in our entire life as we go on our roads of life…Farewell and Thank You! 😀