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Life is Beautiful

After the disaster that hit Cagayan de Oro, many lives lost. But we’re lucky and very blessed that we are safe. Indeed, life is still beautiful and there are lots of things to be thankful for. Even we’re not included in the flood, we must take this as our second life.


My song of the week: Still

Everytime i hear the song Still by Hillsong united, it reminds me about the typhoon Sendong and its victims. The message of the song is very touching and true. Especially the chorus, it indicates that we must have faith in God always in everything.

Love and Economic Aspect

One of our instructors said that if we choose to fall in love, we must see first the person’s economic situation. Practically speaking, when talking about economic situation, it refers to our future when setting down. He also said that we can check it through its residence certificate or also known as cedula. But i think he’s just kidding but quite true. If that person’s earnings isn’t enough for living, then leave that person. In this generation, we must think for our future because the economy now isn’t going any better. Therefore, be wise in choosing whom to love.

Love & Peace: It makes you happy

Who can’t say that if there’s love you’re not happy? What about peace? I think love & peace is a perfect combination for us to be happy…If we love someone, we think we should give them all of our best…But sometimes, we don’t have peace of mind thinking our loved one…In peace, we need love to have it…But in any side of this, it’s just the same to make us happy…Everybody needs love to be happy and we also need peace..So, therefore love and peace can make us happy…Thanks to my friend Anna Leah for giving me this idea…

I want these, I want that —– SHOES!

I don’t have that much, I don’t even come from a rich family…But I really love shoes…Actually, I love collecting shoes…From flats, sandals,doll shoes, high heels, stilettos and slippers are my fave…But when I buy shoes, I choose the cheaper one but not the expensive ones…Because, I’m not going to use it everyday but only if there’s an occasion…Last Sunday, there’s this shoe store that I kept on visiting because they the style of the shoes I really want but that time, it is still out of my budget…But luckily, when I went to the store last Sunday, they where on sale, as in mark down sale…The shoes i like was like less 50%…i wasn’t ready for that…i really want to buy a pair of it but they don’t have my exact size but just a half inches bigger..But i can still take it..It doesn’t look that bad..It still fit on mine…Only, I already used my money on other things, so i was out of budget again…I’m still waiting for my mom to buy it for me…I can wait if they will permit me so…

Modern Day Photography

People are so fun in taking pictures…Before, you are well known if you have the camera with film…In the next generation, here comes the digital camera…But it’s quite expensive…Even us, it took us a long time to have that kind of camera…But the time comes, photography becomes high technology…Here comes those DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) cameras which became famous because most of the people are using those kind of cameras to take pictures…But wait, someone told me that the essence of photography is gone…It’s because they’re not going to use those old cameras…Does it mean that if you are not going to use that kind of camera, you can’t take pictures? For me, it’s not…We still can take pictures using our old cameras…It just depends on the picture taker if he/she is a good photographer, with good and creative ideas…Well, but as we can see, new cameras has nice and good effects in balancing lights, colors and shadows…What does the next generation cameras looks like?

How does it feel to be a loner?

When talking about loner, I can say it describes me… I am the only child of my family, no siblings at all…Since then, I’m alone even at school…That’s the one reason why I don’t so love to go out to malls without any companion…Maybe, being the only child is the reason why it’s difficult for me to find a friend at school…Maybe, I’m poor in communicating with others and in dealing with them…Thus, it leads me to being hurt and causes me crying…But every time someone asks me why am I crying, I can’t give them the reason…Because for me, it’s nothing for them to know…It is so hard to be alone…I have my real friends but unfortunately, we don’t study at the same school…So, it’s painful and hard to be a loner…You can’t see happiness for a long time but just in limited time.