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My Girls: Best Buddies Forever

When I’m talking about best buddies, I’m referring to my girl friends… There are four girls in my life whom I considered as my best friends… I can say best buddies/best friend because I have known them since childhood. And the bonding we have is priceless. When we bond, we feel like there’s no tomorrow, and of course, we love each other as real sisters…We’re always there when one needs help… They were the persons who held hand when one of us is feeling down and to always us comfort…Though there are times we misunderstand each other but the feeling is still there…We have this common matter that only the four of us can understand and that makes us special in our own unique way.. But sometimes, there are persons who tried to destroy our friendship, but the love we feel for each other never fails to remind us  that it is only destruction… In life, there is a need to have people who is someone you can call to in times when our parents aren’t there.


Politics & Politicians

It is well known that the politics here in the Philippines is one kind of a dirty game. They take oath to do their duties to help and protect the country. But what have they done? How can then be a help when they were the first one who give and make problems to our country. When at first they think of their selves. That’s big shame! Some politicians are wasting time on focusing non-sense problems of their own than to focus of the country’s problem. Worse is they want to pass their non-sense problem as a bill.. These problems which doesn’t affect the status of the country.. There are lots of problems should be faced and given much proper attention and solution. Much bigger and serious… They should give focus on that because it can help the country and for the good of every Filipino.

3 days left for year 2011

Whoah! Time is very fast. It’s just like yesterday I was just welcoming year 2011, and now there are just few days left and I’ll welcome a new year again which is year 2012. 3 days! well, my plan is to prepare for the new year’s eve, hang-out with my friends, reconcile with those people who i fought with and patch things up and bad attitudes for me to welcome the new year..New me for new year!:D

Christmas 2011

We were just four of my family celebrating the Christmas. But we are very thankful and blessed that we were still together, complete and healthy. Compared to those family who were the victims of the calamity, who were some of them lost family members, lost their houses and lost lives. We didn’t prepare that much because we can’t take the fact that we were celebrating Christmas, eating delicious foods but there are family who don’t have anything for Christmas, who spend it on the evacuation centers.

Rush Buying

Every time when  Christmas eve is approaching, some people are in to rush buying…Like my mom, i really hate it to come with her to do the grocery…Why? because it’s the only time that supermarkets are full of people who rushed to buy foods for the preparation for Christmas. It is when the place is too crowded and dirty. I feel like I’m being suffocated that’s why i hate it. Also, the long line in the counter irritates me. (sigh) I just love to stay at house than to go at the supermarket if the situation’s like that.

My song of the week: Miss You

My song of the week is Miss You by Westlife…I really love these song! Especially its tune…These song means when a relationship is hanging and  missing someone is not easy…And you don’t want to be you and your loved one to be apart…As the line of the song says : I don’t wanna feel the way that I do, I just wanna be right here with you, I don’t wanna see us apart and I just wanna say it straight from my heart.

What can I contribute towards the situation/disaster now?

For me, as a citizen, maybe I can visit and be a volunteer one of the relief operations center and help repacking goods…Donate used clothing, foods and water…As for now, it’s just temporary supply for the victims but it is really a big help for them to survive…And lastly, prayer…Prayer is the most powerful contribution of all…Prayer for the victims to give them strength and hope…For not to be depress and frustrated… Now is the time to help, we are all equal in God’s eye…Maybe this happen for a reason…Maybe God has a purpose why he do it that way…God will not do things that can harm us with no valid reason.