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My Strength & Courage

My Strength & Courage

When we’re talking about strength, one of them is God from above. There are two persons in the world that i cannot live without. They were the two person who gives me courage in everything, they were the reason why i am still living and breathing to the very minutes of my life even now. They were the reason why i woke up everyday. These two people are my parents. I am proud to say that i have a very supportive mother and very protective father. I am lucky to have them both. My mother is always there for me, she really supports everything that is good for me. My father is also a protective man when it comes to her one & only child (me). He is the nicest man i’ve ever known in my entire existence. He is very understanding, he is also a generous man. though the both of them are generous. Both of them are hardworking. All they think is for my future and i am returning what they have given  me. My parents raised me as a good child. A God fearing person. A kind person to those who were in need. As for that, I will do anything just to make them happy and i will pay them for all their hard works for years just to make me a better person and bring me to a life were i am at good hands and in good future. I treasure them and value them more than my life. I really love my parents. Without them, there’s no ME in this world. Being deeply loved by someone gives me STRENGTH, while loving someone deeply gives me COURAGE.


Live Life to the Fullest

Life is beautiful. So, why waste time in nonsense things in the world where you can be happy, where you can enjoy life daily. Every second of time that comes to our life will not be coming back. So,whatever you do to in every second of time, it must be fulfilled with love and joy. Life is short so one must do everything that would make it more  fulfilling. Live life to the fullest is like living your life without any regrets, hesitations,inhibitions or restrictions. Though it may sound rebellious, but it’s part of every mans life. Living life to the fullest does not necessary mean complicating your life. It simply means doing all the things you were created to do and enjoying yourself in the process. So, if someone will ask me how am i, i must say, I am happy and I am living my life to the fullest…That’s how God is Great!

MYM: Happiness & Friendship

The bright, sunny color of yellow roses evokes a feeling of warmth and happiness. The warm feelings associated with the yellow rose are often kind to those who shared with a true friend. As such, the yellow rose is an ideal symbol for joy and friendship…

Saddest part of being away

Last Nov. 28 at 5:30 in the morning. My cousin flew back in Holland. Every time they came to visit here, i really hate it when the time of their departure comes. All of us were crying. In my cousins situation, he left his girlfriend here who supposed to be my friend. Though he really need to go home. The saddest part there is they can’t be together in person anymore. My friend have to wait for 5 months before my cousin comes back. That’s the essence of a long distance relationship. That part of being away pours a lot of tears and crying. It’s difficult though. But my friend needs to be strong. I learn in life, there is always sadness after happiness.

Breaking Dawn



hmmm….Breaking dawn? as usual, the same feeling i felt when i first saw the Twilight movie, one of the twilight saga series…For me, it’s the type of movie i like..Romantic and impossible…fiction and unbelievable…But for others, let’s just say it’s not their type of movie…What i like is i can daydream with the characters…hahahahaha…Only if their story happens in real life…I want it to be continuous as in FOREVER…Forever, famous word by Edward & Bella…Let’s say i’m addicted to twilight saga…I just found thier story “kilig”…Enough for that, i just watched the movie together with my friend and her boyfriend…Too bad, i don’t have one…while watching, i was just smiling and dreaming again…and i watched it twice…But it seems i was the only one enjoying the movie…while watching and after watching, i’m already having a doubt…am i still in for the Edward team? or in Jacob team?! Jacob, i really find him handsome in this movie…also, the other wolves…OMG, they’re  even cuter than before…state of mind? thinking for right decision…still Team Edward or Team Jacob…

Longing for a mother

It is really hard to lose someone you really love especially if it’s your mom. Year 2006, my friend’s mother died because of cancer. I really can’t imagine how she felt to lose her mom. It is really hard to accept it at first. Where all you can think of is your happy moments with her. How she raised you as a child and carry you when you’re still young. Every corner of the house gives you a lot of memories where it will be only memories left. When losing someone at the early age is very hard to accept. That’s why my friend is longing for a mother. I can understand her. It’s very difficult that when you’re growing up, there’s no mother on your side to abide you. I don’t want to put myself in her situation because i know i can’t take it. That’s why, let’s show our love to our mother and father where they can still see and hear it. How we value them, how we treasure them and show them that they are the only people in the world were it is difficult for us to lose.

Surprise candle light dinner date

i thought it just happens in the movies…but this dinner date really amazed me…it’s not for me, but i’m doing it for my friend and my cousin…The thought of having a candle light dinner with matching perfect table settings, blindfold, roses  and background music makes it really romantic…well,  i myself prepared all the stuff…for all the girls who can experience it will really cry…who would have thought that kind of date will happen in ordinary lives and of course in real life..there’s no need for reservations in a classy restaurants or can make it everywhere as long as you have the idea to make it perfect and romantic… i was just so proud cause i made their dinner date perfect…my friend made a good decision to give her precious “YES” to my dear cousin..:D

see? a movie scene with a candle light scenery…congratulations to the both of you…