Just believe in yourself

Believe in yourself…Have faith in your abilities…Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy. But with self-confidence you can succeed. A sense of inadequacy interferes with the attainment of your hopes, but self-confidence leads to self-realization and achievement. number of people are made miserable by an inferiority complex. but we don’t need to suffer form this. We can develop faith in ourselves.


Managing Problems Positively

Don’t underestimate. Don’t underestimate the problem, or our potential power to cope with it. Many problems are never resolved because they are not taken seriously. Realize that the problem we are facing right now has been faced by millions of human beings. Our reaction to the problem, as much as the problem itself, will determine the outcome. There are people with a positive mental attitude, making their problems into creative experiences.

Every problem has a limited life span

Life has its ups and downs. its peaks and its valleys. No one is up all the time, nor are they down all the time. Problems do end. They do go away. they are all resolved in time. history teaches us that every problem has a life span. No problem is permanent. Problems will just pass, they will not last. our problem will not live forever, but we will…

A little disappointment can ruin everything!

Have you ever tried to feel being disappointed and after that, you don’t have the feeling to do that things anymore? There’s this one time in my life that i came to a state of disappointment and it just ruin my appetite to it…I feel like i don’t want to do it anymore…I don’t know how to cope it up…I wanted to give up but the end is near…It’s hard for me to do those things when i don’t have the heart to do it…Though it’s my love at first but when it come to disappointment, i don’t know anymore…But i know i can’t continue of being like this…Life must go on…It’s just a matter of trial to test my self till where i am capable of striving things…In just a prayer, everything will be alright till the end and it can’t be ruined…

Summer is near!

Summer is fast approaching…Others are so busy planning their summer vacations…Students are excited for summer, and it’s the end of the school year…Summer is the time of the year where you can see most of the people at beaches and vacation houses…Some are on out of town trips…But it’s the time of the year where it is the most hottest temperature recorded…But people wouldn’t mind it as long as they can enjoy summer…Others where not on vacations or trips but they are in for summer jobs and summer classes…Summer jobs because since it has no class,there’s no allowance at all…If you’re in for a summer job, at least you will have earnings and allowances…Summer classes because other students may fail on some subjects and others wanted to have an advance class on some subjects…Others were just staying at their houses like their ordinary days because according to them, it is just the time of the year where they can rest for a little long period of time…So, what’s your plan for summer?


What is commitment? Commitment is a ten letter one word but with a deep meaning…I say it has deep meaning because it should be done with actions and not only by words…When you commit on something, you should be 100% sure to handle it…It’s your responsibility and should be capable on it…For an instance, in a relationship, there is always a commitment, but what happens when a boy or girl cheated to their relationship?..Have they forget their commitment towards each other?Well for me, yes…Once you broke your commitment or i say a promise, you really can’t handle the true meaning of commitment..Others are being called coward…In life, there are hundred of times that we humans commit…But some of it, are just being trash and forgotten…But what if God will forget his promises to us because we ourselves forget our commitments towards him…What will just happen to us?No one knows…But i know no one tried to forget our commitments with God…The situation is just the same with forgetting commitments…It makes other people hurt and upset…Once we commit on something, let’s be responsible and handle things we committed…For it’s for our own good and others as well…

Everything happens for a reason

Months ago, i was in a depressed state…Being feeling down and rejected…But, i was thinking, maybe God has a reason for it to happen…Maybe he has better plans for me…God wouldn’t permit anything that can harm us, but for us to prosper and for our future…i keep on praying for him to give me strength to face all trials and challenges…As i didn’t notice, i was being strong in facing those problems as days passed…I just smiled and thank God for not leaving me in those times of being down…because of that, it just give me more reasons to believed that there’s a better future for me and better life ahead of me…Like just proving to those people who rejected me that I am strong and can do things without them…But with God and in praying, i did all impossible things were it is hard for me to do…Seeing my future after years