We might admit it, we want people to like us. If someone says ” i don’t care whether people like me or not” he’s not telling the truth.. We will never get everybody to like you. There is a peculiar habit in human nature where some people won’t like us. It may be due to lack of rapprochement, that baffling mechanism by which we either do or do not “click” with certain people. Even if we are a difficult person or by nature shy and retiring, even unsocial, we can attain popularity by practicing a few simple, natural and easy techniques..One of it is becoming a comfortable person, the one who is easy going and pleasant. If you are a comfortable person to be with, don’t assume that the reason other people don’t like you is because of something wrong with them. Assume instead that there’s something wrong within yourself and determine to find and eliminate it…Another is getting people to like you is to practice building up the ego of other persons. Whomever you help to build up and become a better, stronger, finer person will give you his undying devotion.Build up as many people as you can. Do it unselfishly, do it because you like them and because you see possibilities in them. Do this and you will never lack of friends.