When i was told by my lolo that i will go with him this coming summer in my mom’s hometown in Leyte, the first thing comes in my mind is the beach…I really love their beaches and the views…It is the only place where i can watch the sunset and breath fresh air…Though it’s not a city, no shopping malls, it’s enough for me…It’s only a small town…But i can divert my attention in going to beaches…Well, aside from that, we are going to attend a family’s reunion…The last time i visited San Francisco Leyte was 5 years ago…Every time i’m on vacation, i find myself so enjoy roaming around that small town…And in the afternoon, together with my cousins and uncle, we will wait for the sunset sitting at the rocky shore…Our house was just a block away from the beach…It is where i first tried to eat a fresh catch fish or we call it “kinilaw” without vinegar or other spices, we just need to dip the fish meat at the salty water from the beach…It’s really enjoying… I wanted to stay there for month but my mom won’t allow me…I really found the place relaxing and for a person like me who loves adventures, i really fit on that place…There’s no day without a outing or mountain climbing to get some fresh coconut…It’s really a province matter and i love it…I am seeing my vacation this summer really exciting!