Summer is fast approaching…Others are so busy planning their summer vacations…Students are excited for summer, and it’s the end of the school year…Summer is the time of the year where you can see most of the people at beaches and vacation houses…Some are on out of town trips…But it’s the time of the year where it is the most hottest temperature recorded…But people wouldn’t mind it as long as they can enjoy summer…Others where not on vacations or trips but they are in for summer jobs and summer classes…Summer jobs because since it has no class,there’s no allowance at all…If you’re in for a summer job, at least you will have earnings and allowances…Summer classes because other students may fail on some subjects and others wanted to have an advance class on some subjects…Others were just staying at their houses like their ordinary days because according to them, it is just the time of the year where they can rest for a little long period of time…So, what’s your plan for summer?