People are so fun in taking pictures…Before, you are well known if you have the camera with film…In the next generation, here comes the digital camera…But it’s quite expensive…Even us, it took us a long time to have that kind of camera…But the time comes, photography becomes high technology…Here comes those DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) cameras which became famous because most of the people are using those kind of cameras to take pictures…But wait, someone told me that the essence of photography is gone…It’s because they’re not going to use those old cameras…Does it mean that if you are not going to use that kind of camera, you can’t take pictures? For me, it’s not…We still can take pictures using our old cameras…It just depends on the picture taker if he/she is a good photographer, with good and creative ideas…Well, but as we can see, new cameras has nice and good effects in balancing lights, colors and shadows…What does the next generation cameras looks like?