When I’m talking about best buddies, I’m referring to my girl friends… There are four girls in my life whom I considered as my best friends… I can say best buddies/best friend because I have known them since childhood. And the bonding we have is priceless. When we bond, we feel like there’s no tomorrow, and of course, we love each other as real sisters…We’re always there when one needs help… They were the persons who held hand when one of us is feeling down and to always us comfort…Though there are times we misunderstand each other but the feeling is still there…We have this common matter that only the four of us can understand and that makes us special in our own unique way.. But sometimes, there are persons who tried to destroy our friendship, but the love we feel for each other never fails to remind us  that it is only destruction… In life, there is a need to have people who is someone you can call to in times when our parents aren’t there.