December 16, 2011…Where everybody was sleeping..We were being awake by the sound of the wind and rain..Too scary…Who would expect that something terrible will happen. It is very traumatic for everyone to experience it such. I was being aware and afraid by the sound of the wind who almost destroy our roof. That’s the reason I never slept the whole night anymore. I was listening to the one radio network who’s updating everyone for awareness. But my phone was running out of battery and there’s still no electricity that time. So, I off my phone and on it back at 3 in the morning and immediately updating the news again. So sad to hear some of my kababayan were seeking and asking for help and rescue. They were being trap on their houses due to floods and the water is becoming bigger than usual. In the morning, the sky is bright and i can’t believe what i saw when i passed by the bridge. The big damage made by the wind and rain the other night that killed thousand of people. I was crying that time while taking pictures. But luckily, our place was safe by that calamity.