As i watched the television one late evening, the program krusada caught my attention.The story they aired was interesting. While watching, I really can’t help but cry. For all we know, soldiers are hero. They fight against rebellions  just to save and protect our country and for our security as well. Their lives were not that easy. Especially when they’re on fields and in the battle. People like them we’re just so brave to face death. but at the end of the day, they’re lucky enough to be still alive. The part of the show makes me really cry was when the two kids of a 26 year old soldier who died from a battle last month. What comes on my mind was they were still young to experience that kind of tragedy of their lives. To lose their father. The 2 kids tell the story how they found out about the death of their father. I really felt pain when I heard the story and my tears are falling. I can see it in their eyes, the innocence but hurting inside when they’re telling the whole story and answering some of the questions asked by the reporter. The promises  their father left. To come home for Christmas. To come home when there is a chance to go home. The two kids were just contented by that just to see their father. But it will not happen anymore. I feel so pity for them. I can feel the pain they felt. Their cries were innocent. A cry of longing. Soldiers were the true hero today.