My Strength & Courage

When we’re talking about strength, one of them is God from above. There are two persons in the world that i cannot live without. They were the two person who gives me courage in everything, they were the reason why i am still living and breathing to the very minutes of my life even now. They were the reason why i woke up everyday. These two people are my parents. I am proud to say that i have a very supportive mother and very protective father. I am lucky to have them both. My mother is always there for me, she really supports everything that is good for me. My father is also a protective man when it comes to her one & only child (me). He is the nicest man i’ve ever known in my entire existence. He is very understanding, he is also a generous man. though the both of them are generous. Both of them are hardworking. All they think is for my future and i am returning what they have given  me. My parents raised me as a good child. A God fearing person. A kind person to those who were in need. As for that, I will do anything just to make them happy and i will pay them for all their hard works for years just to make me a better person and bring me to a life were i am at good hands and in good future. I treasure them and value them more than my life. I really love my parents. Without them, there’s no ME in this world. Being deeply loved by someone gives me STRENGTH, while loving someone deeply gives me COURAGE.