It is really hard to lose someone you really love especially if it’s your mom. Year 2006, my friend’s mother died because of cancer. I really can’t imagine how she felt to lose her mom. It is really hard to accept it at first. Where all you can think of is your happy moments with her. How she raised you as a child and carry you when you’re still young. Every corner of the house gives you a lot of memories where it will be only memories left. When losing someone at the early age is very hard to accept. That’s why my friend is longing for a mother. I can understand her. It’s very difficult that when you’re growing up, there’s no mother on your side to abide you. I don’t want to put myself in her situation because i know i can’t take it. That’s why, let’s show our love to our mother and father where they can still see and hear it. How we value them, how we treasure them and show them that they are the only people in the world were it is difficult for us to lose.