my SUMMER starts here

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After my last exam, me and my friends immediately went to have a vacation…It’s far from our hometown..But when we arrive at the place…It’s really amazing…i can’t believe the beauty of the place and the beach…Summer really fits on the view…The white sand and clear water plus the heat of the sun…Oh, i love summer…We didn’t mind the long travel as long as we enjoy our stay…


Farewell and Thank you!

It’s been five months, and the semester is near to its end…It’s my privileged to enroll in ICT…In this subject course, I learn many things especially in computer matter…Also, its nice to have an instructor like Ma’am Jackie, who encourage us in all aspects in life…Honestly, I really like the way she give us advices and words of wisdom…I didn’t find this subject boring…Though it’s kinda’ hard sometimes in terms of writing in our blog (one of our requirements) when i don’t have anything to think of…In making an html, at first i find it really difficult…Because i can’t easily get the steps and process how to make it, how it became like that and like this…But as time pass, thank God, i made it with some help of my classmate…But they’re not the one who made it! I just asked when there’s something i can’t understand…In my blog, i’m quite not good in it…I just write when I have something to write and sometimes when i’m in the mood to write…I didn’t hate this even we’re up to 9pm though we’re hungry and my eyes are tired…All i think when i’m in this class is i have to learn new things in office word, etc… It really help me a lot…And now, it’s time to say farewell to this subject, i just had a mind full of knowledge…We all know we can use all the lessons taught in this subject…And for our instructor, thank you for the time, effort and sacrifices you’ve given to us…For the learnings you’ve shared, for the lessons you’ve taught and for the words of wisdom you’ve given to us that we can bring it in our entire life as we go on our roads of life…Farewell and Thank You! 😀

Street foods only in CDO

Everywhere you look, you can see street food vendors…Here in Cagayan de Oro City, the famous street foods nowadays is PROVEN…It’s from chicken ( i don’t know what part)…It tastes good while it’s hot, pair it with puso..With P20.00, you’re already full…It’s like you’ve eaten your lunch or dinner…though only people who eats street foods especially proven can appreciate it…But tips for eating street foods like proven…Don’t dip it with it’s sauce though it tastes good…In that way, we might get diseases like Hepatitis and contain bacteria that can cause diarrhea…But if you really want to eat it with sauce, it’s better to ask for a new sauce from their container not from the containers on display…

summer lovin’ FUN SHOOT

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A day full of fun is which best describes the day this photos taken…Together with friends adds the funny and happy moments…We’ve been to the beach and in top of a hill…The view and place is overwhelming…We didn’t mind the big waves and it is high tide that time…We just enjoy the moment…We love to feel the breeze of the air even it spoils our hair…it’s an addition for our shoot as effects…The feeling is really nice fun…

the OTHER side of me

I am the only child of my family…So i grew up with no siblings and always got my parents attention…But other people see me as intimidating person and strict…Like difficult person to talk to and approach…Maybe i really look like that because i’m a shy type person…Always quiet and don’t talk when there’s no need to talk to..Sometimes, anti-social…But if there’s someone who dares to approach me and try to find the real me or i must say the other side of me….They will find me as a bubbly, caring, friendly and a happy person…I am just in my shell hiding when i am not in my comfort zone…If that someone will get to know me, i’ll show them the opposite me as what they describe me…I’m a good person and a very kind hearted…When I’m with my friends, the friends who sees the other side of me, i ‘ll do anything when there’s nothing to do with that makes them laugh…Just get to know me and you’ll see the other side of me, not the intimidating one…

A hometown vacation

When i was told by my lolo that i will go with him this coming summer in my mom’s hometown in Leyte, the first thing comes in my mind is the beach…I really love their beaches and the views…It is the only place where i can watch the sunset and breath fresh air…Though it’s not a city, no shopping malls, it’s enough for me…It’s only a small town…But i can divert my attention in going to beaches…Well, aside from that, we are going to attend a family’s reunion…The last time i visited San Francisco Leyte was 5 years ago…Every time i’m on vacation, i find myself so enjoy roaming around that small town…And in the afternoon, together with my cousins and uncle, we will wait for the sunset sitting at the rocky shore…Our house was just a block away from the beach…It is where i first tried to eat a fresh catch fish or we call it “kinilaw” without vinegar or other spices, we just need to dip the fish meat at the salty water from the beach…It’s really enjoying… I wanted to stay there for month but my mom won’t allow me…I really found the place relaxing and for a person like me who loves adventures, i really fit on that place…There’s no day without a outing or mountain climbing to get some fresh coconut…It’s really a province matter and i love it…I am seeing my vacation this summer really exciting!

How to get people to like you?

We might admit it, we want people to like us. If someone says ” i don’t care whether people like me or not” he’s not telling the truth.. We will never get everybody to like you. There is a peculiar habit in human nature where some people won’t like us. It may be due to lack of rapprochement, that baffling mechanism by which we either do or do not “click” with certain people. Even if we are a difficult person or by nature shy and retiring, even unsocial, we can attain popularity by practicing a few simple, natural and easy techniques..One of it is becoming a comfortable person, the one who is easy going and pleasant. If you are a comfortable person to be with, don’t assume that the reason other people don’t like you is because of something wrong with them. Assume instead that there’s something wrong within yourself and determine to find and eliminate it…Another is getting people to like you is to practice building up the ego of other persons. Whomever you help to build up and become a better, stronger, finer person will give you his undying devotion.Build up as many people as you can. Do it unselfishly, do it because you like them and because you see possibilities in them. Do this and you will never lack of friends.